Medion MD 41300 WLAN

If you have never really got your WLAN to work on your Medion MD 41300 laptop as I have then there is good news: I finally found some drivers from another vendor that work for the integrated Intersil PRISM wireless nic. (downloads at the bottom)

In the device manager the card showed up as
PRISM 802.11g Wireless Adapter (3890)
with the driver supplied by Medion. Actually this driver never worked for me since the wireless LAN card always stopped functioning after a couple of minutes. Only a reboot could bring it back. The interesing thing was though that the card worked perfectly with linux+ndiswrapper+SMC drivers. Unfortunately the SMC drivers would not install under Windows XP.

Here is a summary of driver, firmware and utility (prismsta.exe) versions

From Medion the latest you can get is:
DriverVer = 08/26/2003,
Firmware unknown
Utility version 1.00.20

From SMC you can get the following
DriverVer = 04/29/2004,
Firmware 2.05.03
Note1: No prismsta.exe utility included. Included SMC utility didn't work for me.
Note2: The firmware seems to be included in the driver (.sys file)

From MPC corp. you get the following
DriverVer = 03/21/2002, 1.7.37
Firmware unkown
Utility version 1.07.37

So one can create a driver bundle with the SMC driver, the MPC inf file and the MPC utility.

Here's what you need to do:
1. Download the SMC driver here
2. Download the MPC driver here
3. Exchange the MPC PRISMNDS.SYS (50k) in the WinXP subfolder by the SMC 2802W51.sys (377k) (delete the PRISMNDS.SYS and rename the SMC one)
4. Update the driver of your wlan card with this new driver package. Windows will refuse to do so unless you explicitly do "manually choose driver" and "have disk". A non-certification message should apper and you're done.

For me this works like a charm. Do it at your own risk. For questions use the comments function.

Edit: Some people left comments that the MPC driver is not there anymore. Actually, I have just been able to download it. I can't figure out why for some people the link should be broken, but I also just found out that MPC has an FTP:
Edit2: Actually no one complained, yet, but the MPC driver comes as a self-deflating .exe file. To access it, just open it with your favourite zip utility (or, let it deflate and cancel the installation)

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