Medion MD 41300 WLAN

If you have never really got your WLAN to work on your Medion MD 41300 laptop as I have then there is good news: I finally found some drivers from another vendor that work for the integrated Intersil PRISM wireless nic. (downloads at the bottom)

In the device manager the card showed up as
PRISM 802.11g Wireless Adapter (3890)
with the driver supplied by Medion. Actually this driver never worked for me since the wireless LAN card always stopped functioning after a couple of minutes. Only a reboot could bring it back. The interesing thing was though that the card worked perfectly with linux+ndiswrapper+SMC drivers. Unfortunately the SMC drivers would not install under Windows XP.

Here is a summary of driver, firmware and utility (prismsta.exe) versions

From Medion the latest you can get is:
DriverVer = 08/26/2003,
Firmware unknown
Utility version 1.00.20

From SMC you can get the following
DriverVer = 04/29/2004,
Firmware 2.05.03
Note1: No prismsta.exe utility included. Included SMC utility didn't work for me.
Note2: The firmware seems to be included in the driver (.sys file)

From MPC corp. you get the following
DriverVer = 03/21/2002, 1.7.37
Firmware unkown
Utility version 1.07.37

So one can create a driver bundle with the SMC driver, the MPC inf file and the MPC utility.

Here's what you need to do:
1. Download the SMC driver here
2. Download the MPC driver here
3. Exchange the MPC PRISMNDS.SYS (50k) in the WinXP subfolder by the SMC 2802W51.sys (377k) (delete the PRISMNDS.SYS and rename the SMC one)
4. Update the driver of your wlan card with this new driver package. Windows will refuse to do so unless you explicitly do "manually choose driver" and "have disk". A non-certification message should apper and you're done.

For me this works like a charm. Do it at your own risk. For questions use the comments function.

Edit: Some people left comments that the MPC driver is not there anymore. Actually, I have just been able to download it. I can't figure out why for some people the link should be broken, but I also just found out that MPC has an FTP:
Edit2: Actually no one complained, yet, but the MPC driver comes as a self-deflating .exe file. To access it, just open it with your favourite zip utility (or, let it deflate and cancel the installation)

had same isue your workaround works also for me

tnx for the good work
Had same problem and just tried it on a MD 40100 with same specs.
Didn't work
It comes up with a dialog box: PRISMCFG - "Unable to communicate with device driver - status 32.0" under "Advanced configurations"
Now theres no contact at all.
Guess i have to go back to org. drivers.
Thanks bud. I had code 10 device cannot start with later versions of the driver (3890 on an advent 7039) but this version seems to have done the trick in getting me connected to my WPA protected network. As an aside I did find out that the 802.11D value must not be present when the SSID is hidden.
danke danke danke,zwei tage mühe, und dann finde ich deinen blog... :-) funzt super
Hallo Jochen,

derangegebene Link des MSC Treibers hat ist nicht mehr gültig. Er lautet nun: , so ich mich nicht vertan habe.

Gruß Holger
Vielen Dank für den Tipp - allerdings gibts den Treiber leider bei MPC nicht mehr.
@Jochen: hast Du das File noch und könntest es zur Verfügung stellen?

Vielen Dank schonmal,
2 April 2007

The latest driver you can get from Medion is to be found on

This workaround helped me to get access to eduroam (international universities WLAN) with the SecureW2 client software. The original Medion driver does not get an IP address with this.

Maybe you can update the page, because now you can use the Medion driver in combination with the SMC driver.

1. Download the Medion driver from the above location
2. Download the SMC driver for the SMC 2802W v2 card
3. Replace the PRISMA00.sys file in the Medion folder with the 2802W51.sys found in the WinXP folder of the SMC driver (rename it to PRISMA00.sys!)
4. Now install, reinstall or update the driver

I posted this message because it took me a long time to find the solution. Maybe it can help others with the same problem.

With the help from this page I eventually came up with the solution. And now you do not need the MPC driver anymore.

Many thanks to Jochen and Vincent for taking the time to supply this information. Has enabled me to access WPA network from an Advent 7039 laptop I recently aquired.


habt ihr auch Ideen, wie man diesem Chip WPA2 beibringen könnte? WPA funktioniert dank diesem tollen tutorial, aber leider läuft unser uni-netz auf WPA2 und da hat tagelange googelei nichts gebracht
Many thanks to the anonymous of Apr/2/2007.

I had tried the original medion drivers for a MD8080 on a 2003 server and I got blue screen while acquiering IP address from the router.

Now, it works like a charm... :-). It's not that I need to use WLAN for a 2003 server because i am closer enough of the router to use the regular lan VIA RHINE III with a direct link but just for the fun, i hated got a device not working.

Again, thanks
MANY THANX TO ALL OF YOU. I got the MD41300 as a present form my mom because the hard disc was filled up ;-)
Unbelievable, i know.

And after finding this article i am
finally able to use the WLAN

i got the problem you describe.
But with the diference that my Network only didn´t work with encryption.
I´m sure that i can configure a WLAN :-)
But a friend brought me with a usb stick a virus.
After killing the virus i can´t connect via my md41300 to my lan.

Anny other wlan component, second laptop or internet radio - no problem !
I tried your new driver but nothing worked.
My router said " Authification failed " But i copy and paste 1000 times the key, name and ect.
When i´m using fixed ip i also get killed after 1 minute of unidirektional connection.

Have anyone an idea !?
nasevorn[A T]
i have got the ultimate solution!!!

now it is possible to use wep, wpa and wpa2 with your old md 41300 and the f****** prism 802.11g wireless adapter (3890)!

i found out that the driver of the xg-603 by zcomax works great with this wireless adapter. i am not 100% sure wether it is exactly the same hardware but i think so.

here you can download the driver:

here you can download the data sheet:

just install and ignore the message that the driver is not whql certified.

it works fine for 100%!!!


ps: YES ... i did a great job, i know ;-)
the only curious thing is that it doesn't work in battery-operation.
no network will be found and an error message appears in the device-manager. the device could not be started.

when you start the notebook in power supply voltage and remove the battery after booting, the wlan adapter works fine in battery-operation, as well.
but after rebooting or hibernation mode in battery-operation the problems remains the same: no networks found and error message. :-(

if anyone knows how to fix this issue, feel free to let me know.
thanks in advance
Vincent great post with the driver work around, seems to be working well, Was about to rush out and buy a usb adapter for my advent7039. Cheers keep up the good work!
Just spent much time looking for a driver for a WLG500-3B Driver for windows 7 that supported wpa... its a mini-pci prism 3886, anyhow this link that I found here worked:
Perfect! The XG-603 driver is the best solution. Thank you!
For those medion cards that don't work with the xg-603 driver, perhaps [1] would do the job. My card is identified as xg-701A

Thanks to all of you for making this a valuable source of information!
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